Maxwax Furniture Wax


Product Details

Using a unique blend of food grade waxes specially formulated to penetrate porous surfaces such as wood, Maxwax is a furniture wax that not only penetrates like an oil, but leaves a deep healthy wax lustre (patina) on the surface.

This special formulation achieves a hard, long lasting finish which doesn't collect dust or leave fingermarks, and is incredibly easy to apply.

Maxwax has proven itself to be an ideal solution for many different applications.

  • As a furniture polish for all wooden (natural, oiled or lacquered) furniture.
  • Helps hide scratches on wooden and lacquered surfaces.
  • On raw wood to develop natural grain and colour (protect wood from sun to prevent "greying").
  • On your BBQ to remove fat splatter and leave non-cook surfaces clean and bright.
  • For leather bags, shoes, briefcases, jackets, saddles, etc. (Maxwax will darken some colours so test a small area first before proceeding).
  • For hard surface car interiors (doesn't collect dust like silicones).
  • Most plastics; radios, stereos, TV's etc.
  • Revives paint surfaces that look "flat".
  • As a metal coating to help prevent tarnish of copper, brasses and silver.
  • To remove sticky labels from bottles.