Shade7 Umbrella Removeable Spigot System

Product Details


Great for any outdoor area where you can bolt down to a concrete surface or wooden deck.

It uses all stainless steel components making it ideal for coastal environments.

Firstly the 185mm stainless steel base plate is fixed to the ground surface with bolts. The spigot can then be easily attached using the supplied spigot bolts, and then removed as required.

The advantage of this system over a traditional base is that the Spigot and Base Plate System cannot blow over in the wind and there is no heavy base to move around or to take up space.

Multiple base plates can be installed to provide a number of umbrella fixing locations for the Spigot. Ideal for larger umbrella sizes or windy locations.

Delivery: Available nationwide from our Tauranga furniture store to your home. Please enquire for pricing.

Availability: If you would like to find out if we currently have this item available in store or on pre-order please contact us