Akaroa Teak Outdoor Armchair


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Akaroa Teak Outdoor Armchair

Produced from new teak and featuring cushions produced from 100% Olefin Sunproof fabric. 

80cm (W) x 89cm (D) x 81.2cm (H)

Care instructions to note

The Akaroa Chair is made from new Teak.  Unlike recycled Teak, new fresh Teak even if it is dry enough will release it's natural oil to the surface.  This naturally occurring surface oil in teak can cause stains on cushions.

To minimise stains a thin layer of water based coating is applied to the surface that comes in contact with the cushions.  This cannot 100% prevent the oil transfer however will help to reduce the intensity.  

This is a naturally occurring process however we suggest:

- Frequent maintenance on the teak using a damp cloth and natural detergent to clean.

- Please don't leave the cushion on top of the teak part more than 24 hours in the first month after the furniture is being used.  The air will also assist with drying the natural oils of the Teak.

- When it is brand new we strongly suggest only putting the cushion on the frame when it will be used and storing the cushions seperately when not in use.

- Please clean the fabric immediately if stains occur.

The teak oil will lessen with time and the cushions will be able to remain on the frame however we do recommend removing the cushions and storing under cover to prolong the life.

Features and benefits of 100% Olefin Sunproof Fabric

High UV Protection rating.  Sunproof fabric has gone through high quality testing and has been evaluated by an internationally recognised research centre.  Capable of blocking more than 97% UV rays.

Sunproof fabric is specially treated with sanitised product for hygiene protection inhibiting microbial developments and mould stains.  

Extreme stain resistance and water repellant.  Sunproof has been carefully processed and has gone through a special treatment to reduce the fabric absorption of soil and stains keeping the fabric looking clean and fresh.

Strong colour fastness.  

Woven from 100% solution dyed Olefin yarn and 100% recyclable.

Sunproof is Oeko - Tex certified, meaning Sunproof fabrics are free of substances with may be harmful to humans and environment.

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